La Verriere Olive Oil

The property is principally dedicated to making wine.   Nevertheless part of the vocation of this thriving, protected estate is a very small production of other produce.  Olive trees, lavender bushes and bees all thrive in the healthy environment and we are delighted to share these artisan products that we have grown and harvested ourselves.

Olive oil

Cold-pressed, extra virgin olive oil, farmed according to biodynamic principles.  We make a special blend of the local Tanche olive of Nyons, the “black pearl of Provence” known for its delicate flavor, with the robust, fruity Picholine, Verdale and Salonenque olives to create a balanced, elegant oil.


Our honey is hand-harvested several times a year by Xavier from his beehives.  Deliberately creamy and rich, its concentrated flavor reflects the terroir of oaks, pines, lavender and thyme.  If you’re very nice to him, Xavier may let you into his well-guarded honey lab for a tour!


We distill our lavender with its stems to retain the intense pine aromas alongside the lifted floral notes.  We find that the essence is suitable for diffusers, added to warm baths, or sprayed on bed linen for relaxation.