Extreme Wine Chene Bleu

We believe the property is a good place to come together around wine tasting and education.  This has led us to create the Extreme Wine courses, based on a full-immersion approach to improving wine knowledge and appreciation using the most effective but enjoyable methods.  Our signature 5-day course is designed as best-in-category to help enthusiasts “crack the code” on fine wine, whilst improving their tasting skills and confidence.  All levels of wine knowledge welcome!

It is a unique course that combines the rigorous theory and systematic approach of the WSET Intermediate Certification Course with the proprietary Chêne Bleu Extreme Wine Certification as well as hands-on practice in the vineyard and the winery.

The combination of theory and practice aims to create a real understanding of the difference between good wine and great wine - from the soil to the vine to the winery to the bottle to the glass to the nose and palate!

Variations on this theme, blending seminars, private and bespoke tuition are available anytime by prior arrangement.

For further details please visit www.chenebleuextremewine.com

or contact contact@chenebleu.com